Upper Division

The Upper Division committee spearheads PBL's consulting services. Working with a wide array of clients from budding start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, Upper Division teams allow members to take the knowledge and experience from their industry-specific committee curriculums and apply them to real world projects.

Anthony and Carrington

Anthony Chen portrait
Anthony Chen
Project Manager

Hello! I am Anthony, a junior majoring in Business Administration, and this will be my fifth semester in PBL. Outside of business and classes, I spend most of my time pursuing urban dance and photography.

Carrington Park portrait
Carrington Park
Project Manager

Hi! I’m Carrington, and I’m a psych major graduating this semester! This is my third semester being a Project Manager for PBL, and I most recently managed projects for WeWork and The RealReal.

Henry and Kai

Henry Cheong portrait
Henry Cheong
Project Manager

Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore studying Data Science whose interest lies at the intersection of the uses of industry data in the function of consumer-driven business decisions. I really enjoy discussing current events, solving brain teasers, and finding Hidden Pictures in Highlights magazines.

Kai Chen portrait
Kai Chen
Project Manager

Hi! I’m a 3rd year studying Economics and Data Science, and this will be my 5th semester in PBL! I’ve had tons of fun and great professional experiences working with varies companies throughout my time in UD! PBL has really shaped my college experience and I’m excited to be leading a project with Henry this upcoming semester! Outside of PBL, I enjoy playing tennis, watching TV, annoying friends and mentoring high school students!

Conor and Roger

Conor Richard portrait
Conor Richard
Project Manager

Hi! I’m a sophomore, and this will be my third semester in PBL! I’m super excited to lead a client team in the Upper Division with Roger! Outside of PBL, I like flying planes, selling shoes, investing in stocks, traveling, and playing intramural soccer and basketball!

Roger Zhang portrait
Roger Zhang
Project Manager

Hello! I've been in PBL for 3 semesters now and absolutely loved growing myself alongside such wonderful people. This semester, I'm excited to be leading a client team with Conor. Outside of academics, I love singing wherever I go and crashing into trees while snowboarding!