Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda

Internal Networking

While not a committee that takes applicants, the Internal Networking committee is responsible for fostering the social environment of the organization. From planning the semesterly Member's Retreat to organizing countless social events throughout the semester, the Internal Networking committee works hard to encourage a tight-knit PBL community.

Amy Zhong portrait
Amy Zhong
Internal Networking Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Amy, a junior studying Data Science and minoring in computer science. I have a strong interest in software, data analytics, and business intelligence & am passionate about initiatives that combine both tech/business. Aside from my professional interests, I love finding new boba spots/cafes, binging reality tv shows, going to concerts & trying new spin/yoga studios :)

Charles Van portrait
Charles Van
Internal Networking Chair

Hey! I'm Charles, a senior studying business administration and computer science. My professional interests are all over the place, but I aspire to work as a product manager at a tech company. Outside of professional interests, I love to cook, watch sports, and play music.

William Lee portrait
William Lee
Internal Networking Chair

Hi! I’m William, a sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics pursuing a career in either software engineering or product management. In my free time, I love watching history documentaries in the WW2 to present period, spending one-on-one time with friends, and soaking in the beauties of mother nature.

Professional Development

Professional development is a committee all about mentorship. The Professional Development committee’s job is to offer resources and guidance for our members to navigate the professional world and build mentorship relationships over generations of PBL members.

Carrie Liu portrait
Carrie Liu
Professional Development Chair

Hey! I'm Carrie, a senior studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research interested in product management. Outside of school, I love drinking Thai tea from Feng Cha, watching Chinese dramas, and singing in the shower and with my a cappella group!

Somi Kim portrait
Somi Kim
Professional Development Chair

My name’s Somi and I am a senior majoring in Cognitive Science and Economics! This will be my fourth semester in PBL--outside of PBL, I enjoy meeting new people, coffee, and trying new things. Join PBL and get to know the amazing officer team better :)

Client Teams

CT Consulting spearheads PBL's consulting services. Working with a wide array of clients from budding start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, Client Teams allow members to take the knowledge and experience from their industry-specific committee curriculums and apply them to real world projects.

Christine Liu portrait
Christine Liu
Project Manager

Hi there! My name is Christine, a junior studying Economics and Data Science. Professionally speaking, I'm interested in fields that allow me to combine data analytics and quantitative skills in business and other creative settings. Apart from professional and academic interest, you can usually find me drawing on my iPad, listening to music, watching Netflix, looking for new places to eat and hanging out with my cats (facetiming them if I'm not with them)!

Liam Patel portrait
Liam Patel
Project Manager

Hey! I’m Liam, a junior studying Economics and Data Science. Professionally speaking, I’m interested in finance and investment banking. Outside of my professional interests, I also enjoy sneaker reselling, stock and cryptocurrency trading, weightlifting, watching Netflix, and trying new foods with friends.

Hamayl Cheema portrait
Hamayl Cheema
Project Manager

Hello! I’m Hamayl, a third year majoring in Business Administration and minoring in data science. I hope to pursue nonprofit consulting or a creative oriented role in tech! In my free time, l love hiking, camping, painting, putting together playlists, reading some fiction novels, and I’m also a really big puzzle enthusiast :-)

Kate Ngo portrait
Kate Ngo
Project Manager

Hello! My name is Kate and I am a rising senior studying Political Science and Economics. In my free time, I like to read suspense/thriller and romance novels, and watch the latest Korean drama. Recently, I have also started to really enjoy cooking and baking to recreate meals that I see on TV.

Eddie Liu portrait
Eddie Liu
Project Manager

Hello! My name is Eddie, and I’m a junior studying Business Administration and Data Science. My professional interests include consulting, banking, business analytics, and entrepreneurship. In my free time, you can find me playing Spikeball on Memorial Glade or basketball at Clark Kerr, yelling at TV screens in support of my favorite sports teams, or rocking out to some EDM or rap. Fun fact: I’m from Overland Park, Kansas!

Hitansh Nagdev portrait
Hitansh Nagdev
Project Manager

Hi! I’m Hitansh. I am an aspiring product manager looking forward to creating impactful products. Currently a senior majoring in Economics and Data Science. Outside classes you might find me playing tennis, traveling, or pretending to study in Moffitt at 2AM. Feel free to reach out!

Max Kim portrait
Max Kim
Project Manager

I'm Max, a junior studying Operations Research and Management Science with a passion for data analytics! In my free time, I mainly spend my time exploring cities with friends or playing soccer and exercising. I also enjoy watching shows and listening to Korean r&b.

Grace Chi portrait
Grace Chi
Project Manager

Hello! My name is Grace and I am a senior studying Business Admin. Growing up I have always had a strong passion for art. This has helped me develop a creative eye that translates well to my work in marketing and business strategy. I am passionate about distilling new insights and implications from consumer behavior and discovering ways to match them with business applications for a more innovative and equitable future. Outside of the classroom, you can find me eating frozen yogurt on a bench on campus or sketching in the nearest Peet’s.


The Executive team manages the day-to-day operations of the organization while planning the semester's large-scale events and activities. From co-hosting speaker panels to leading our premier professional development workshops, the Executive team embodies the PBL values and the hallmarks of personal and professional success.

Alex Lavoie portrait
Alex Lavoie

Hey! I'm Alex, a current junior majoring in Economics. I have been interning at an M&A firm since Feb 2021 and plan on pursuing Investment Banking post-university. Although... I can also see myself in Ops or HR. Outside of school, my life largely revolves around hockey – been playing competitively for over 10 years. Other than this, I also enjoy playing golf, participating in other clubs such as Cal’s Rally Committee, watching TV shows, and going on short trips.

Bradly Wei portrait
Bradly Wei

I'm Bradly, a third year studying business administration with a minor in data science. Professionally, I'm interested in finance and real estate. Aside from my professional aspirations, I enjoy playing basketball, going on outdoor hikes, and spending time with friends!

Andrew Huang portrait
Andrew Huang
Vice President of Finance

Hi! My name is Andrew. I'm a junior studying Economics and Political Science with interests in corporate finance. I'm always trying to learn more about what is happening around the world when it comes to international politics and social issues. In my free time, I like to play guitar and read the news. Along with eating great food, I love to hit the gym with friends.

Jason Tao portrait
Jason Tao
Vice President of Operations

Hey! I’m Jason, a junior studying EECS and business administration, with passions for software engineering, data analytics, consulting and entrepreneurship. When not studying or sleeping, you’ll find me playing soccer, at the gym or dying in Valorant and League. PBL has played a large role in my college career, providing me with some of my best friends and memories, so feel free to reach out with any questions!

Cathy Zhang portrait
Cathy Zhang
Vice President of Consulting

Hi it's Cathy. I'm a junior studying Cognitive Science hoping to work in the UI/UX and Product Design industry. In my free time I love to paint, visit museums, and find the best iced latte in town.

Cassidy Cho portrait
Cassidy Cho
Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hello all! My name is Cassidy, and I am a junior studying Legal Studies and Media Studies! I’ve always been interested in entertainment/media industry with business which led me to focusing on branding and graphic design. I love taking the time out of my day to discover new music while watching sunset! I would love to meet new people and just talk - please feel free to reach out and just chat!

Erika Yang portrait
Erika Yang
Vice President of External Affairs

Hey everyone! I’m Erika, a senior studying Political Economy and Education, with an interest in consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In my professional life, I am also passionate about my non-profit organizations, Made HERstory and YIBI. In my free time, I love to swim and run with my dog, Coco, travel the world, and go on Chick-fil-a runs.