With a world advancing quickly in start-up culture and cutting edge technologies, more and more consultants are being hired to advise businesses in their future endeavors. In the Consulting Committee, we will cultivate your analytical skills by exposing you to real life case studies. You will be able to develop your strategic thinking through creating innovative solutions for business, ultimately preparing you for your future professional aspirations.

Bradly Wei portrait
Bradly Wei
Consulting Chair

Hi! I’m Bradly Wei, a current freshman studying Data Science and Economics. I’m interested in using my knowledge to help businesses convert data into actionable strategy, especially through the involvement of technology and creative reasoning. In my free time, I love playing pickup basketball, reading the WSJ, and having late-night chats with friends. Apart from PBL, you can also find me helping local non-profits, doing legal research or taxes in Eshleman, or simply pursuing passion projects.

Erika Yang portrait
Erika Yang
Consulting Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Erika and I’m a sophomore intending to major in Economics and Education, whose interests lie in entrepreneurship and consulting. PBL has been an amazing organization where I have been able to develop these skills further and meet incredible people. Outside of PBL, I am passionate about my non-profit organization, YIBI. Beyond my professional life, I love to swim, run, and explore new food places!


The Finance Committee aims to help you learn the basic principles of finance and prepare you for a future career in the financial services industry. We will start from basic accounting to valuation to eventually building your own investment portfolio. Our curriculum is built from a list of financial technical interview questions, which by the end of the semester, you will have mastered.

Jackie Cai portrait
Jackie Cai
Finance Chair

Hi! I'm Jackie, a second year studying Economics and Global Studies. I am excited to come back for my third semester in PBL. PBL has helped me grow so much, and I have made some of my best friends in college in this organization. In my free time, I love travelling the world and finding unique cafes.

Kaci Gu portrait
Kaci Gu
Finance Chair

Hello! I'm Kaci, a freshman studying Data Science and Economics. This will be my second semester in PBL. In my free time, I like working out by going on a hike, running, playing basketball, swimming, and hitting the gym.


In a world where identity is everything, it is more critical than ever for brands to know how to package themselves for their audience. In the Marketing Committee, we will learn how to effectively analyze, predict, and shape consumer reactions in specific industry landscapes. In addition, we will develop an important toolbox of professional skills to assist in marketing ourselves in a business environment.

Abby Tan portrait
Abby Tan
Marketing Chair

Hello! My name is Abby, and I am a second year majoring in Data Science and Economics. My professional interests include exploring the role of data within the marketing and consulting fields. Outside of school, I enjoy drinking too much caffeine, hanging out with friends, and attending concerts.

Justin Quan portrait
Justin Quan
Marketing Chair

Hi! My name is Justin, and I’m a first-year studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with an interest in the intersection of marketing and technology as they relate to entrepreneurship. I love building and working with startups, along with exploring nature and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.


As an integral part of a company’s infrastructure, successful use of technology precedes the success of a business itself. In the Tech Committee, we bridge the gap between software and business, providing a foundational understanding of how technology works within corporations. Committee members will be taught the basics of programming, web development, and data analytics. Throughout the semester, committee members will also develop a variety of projects. These hands-on projects and workshops will allow members to gain a comprehensive understanding of technology, business, and personal branding.

Angela Jiang portrait
Angela Jiang
Technology Chair

Hi! I’m Angela, a sophomore studying computer science and economics. Outside of PBL, I also teach CS with CSM and do Chinese dance, and I love eating good food!

Emily Zhu portrait
Emily Zhu
Technology Chair

Hello! I’m Emily and I’m a fourth year Computer Science major. I’m excited to be spending my last semester in PBL in Tech, the same committee I started with during my first semester at Berkeley. In my free time, I enjoy bowling, climbing, and vlogging!

Visual Media

In the Visual Media Committee, we will not only develop skills in graphic design, photography, and videography, but also learn how to apply these skills into the business world. Through hands-on workshops, each member will develop a strong portfolio while learning from real-world opportunities to enhance their skills to gain a creative edge for their future careers.

Dennis Pham portrait
Dennis Pham
Visual Media Chair

Hey everyone! I'm Dennis and I am a junior majoring in Business Administration with a focus on entertainment and creative marketing. Outside of school, I do a lot of cinematography work ranging from weddings, music videos, to commercials, in addition to doing freelance work for a variety of companies. I'm super excited for this upcoming semester and am looking forward to meeting you all!

Grace Chi portrait
Grace Chi
Visual Media Chair

Hello! My name is Grace, and I am a second year looking to major in Economics. My background in art provides me with a creative eye that translates well to my passion for taking business strategies to the next level with visual media. Beyond academics, you can find me exploring the streets of Berkeley or sketching in some corner at Peet’s.