Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda


The Consulting curriculum will focus on providing members with knowledge and skills to become a competent consultant. Members will learn about consulting fundamentals such as SWOT analysis and how to put together a case deck through our interactive workshops.

Alice Han portrait
Alice Han
Consulting Chair

Hi! I’m Alice, a sophomore intended to major in molecular and cell biology and business administration. My professional interests span across consulting, biotech, and entrepreneurship. I also have deep passions for sciences, particularly the life sciences. In my free time, I’m probably at the gym or trying out food places, but I also enjoy playing tennis, skiing in the winter, going to music festivals, and reading!

Dyllan Liu portrait
Dyllan Liu
Consulting Chair

Hey! I’m Dyllan, a junior studying business administration and data science. I have a wide range of professional interests –– from consulting and finance to data analytics and modeling. In my free time, you can find me playing tennis, practicing magic tricks, getting 5 bobas a week, and going on ski trips!


The Finance curriculum aims to help you learn the basic principles of finance and prepare you for a future career in the financial services industry. We will start from basic accounting to valuation to eventually building your own investment portfolio. Our curriculum is built from a list of financial technical interview questions, which by the end of the semester, you will have mastered.

Aman Patel portrait
Aman Patel
Finance Chair

Hey everyone! I’m Aman and I’m a junior studying Business and Economics. I’m very interested in finance, mainly investment banking and private equity, but also enjoy public investing as well. Aside from my professional interests, I’m a huge sports fan, avid poker player, and am currently learning how to play the ukelele!

Josie Nieh portrait
Josie Nieh
Finance Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Josie, a sophomore studying Business Administration and Public Health and I’m passionate about the role business plays in improving the health and quality of life for communities. Outside of school, you can find me bullet journaling, volunteering at food banks, going on morning/sunset runs, or hunting down the best sushi spot! I love meeting new people so feel free to reach out and say hi :)


In a world where countless products enter the market daily, marketing aims to connect brands with the right consumers. The Marketing curriculum teaches a variety of business strategies utilized in specific industry landscapes. Through collaborative projects and interactive workshops, members will gain hands-on experience to prepare them for future professional opportunities. Some topics covered by Marketing include decking, data visualization, strategic analysis, and case interviews.

Autumn Wang portrait
Autumn Wang
Marketing Chair

Hey! I’m Autumn, a third year studying Business Administration and Data Science. I’m currently a business analyst at Cisco and am interested in pursuing something of the sort in the future, or maybe venture to marketing! Outside of work, I love exercising and staying active so that I can eat whatever I want :) fun fact: I beat a Tokyo Olympics swimmer in a race :o

Eden Chun portrait
Eden Chun
Marketing Chair

Hello! I’m Eden, a third year in the LSBE Program (Bio+Business). My professional interests currently include the broad fields of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and non-profit work. In my free time, you can find me at karaoke, dancing, or baking for others. I also enjoy songwriting and sewing; fun fact, I sewed my high school prom dress!


As an integral part of a company’s infrastructure, successful use of technology precedes the success of a business itself. In the Tech curriculum, we bridge the gap between software and business, providing a foundational understanding of how important technology is within corporations. Members will be taught the basics of programming through Python, data analytics, and web development. Throughout the curriculum, members will also get the opportunity to build their own games and test their newfound skills. These hands-on projects and workshops will allow members to gain a comprehensive understanding of technology that can be brought into the real world.

Christie Lum portrait
Christie Lum
Technology Chair

Hello! I'm Christie, a third year studying CS and data science. Professionally, I'm interested in software and app development, data analytics, and web dev. In my free time, I love bullet journaling, painting, playing volleyball/badminton, and singing a cappella. I'm currently still waiting for my growth spurt to hit, so if you have any tips on how to be taller, please reach out!

Ethan Chang portrait
Ethan Chang
Technology Chair

Hi! My name is Ethan. I'm a junior studying computer and data science, and I have a great passion for entrepreneurship, fintech, and data analytics. Aside from my professional interests, I am a big fan of outdoor activities and adventures, such as running, surfing, and rock climbing. Every winter, I would go on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with my friends and family.

Media Design

Honing in on the consumer-facing side of business, the Media Design curriculum will provide members with the technical skill set to imagine and design relevant creative content and branding material that businesses use to distinguish themselves. Through hands-on workshops using Adobe Creative Cloud, members will explore the fundamentals of branding while exercising creativity to develop professional media.

Alyson Chang portrait
Alyson Chang
Media Design Chair

Hey there! I’m Alyson and I’m a second-year business major interested in entertainment and marketing! I love photography, videography, binging shows on Netflix, and hanging out with friends! I’m also always down to explore different places and restaurants with new friends so come find me if you need an adventure buddy! 🤠

Susanna Huang  portrait
Susanna Huang
Media Design Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Susanna and I'm a second year intending to major in Business Administration and Media Studies. Professionally, I'm interested in creative marketing and brand management, and especially projects that combine design and business. In my free time, I love doodling in my notebook, watching Netflix, binging Marvel movies, and exploring good food with my friends! I'm so excited for an in-person semester with PBL, and I can't wait to meet new people!


As our world faces yet another pandemic, the biotechnology industry is more important than ever as it can develop revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine. The Biotech curriculum will provide members with a holistic view of the business strategies utilized in the biotechnology industry. Through collaborative projects, real-world case studies, and interactive workshops, members will gain an all-encompassing understanding of the intersection of the life sciences and business.

Armaan Tiwana portrait
Armaan Tiwana
Bio-Tech Chair

Hello I’m Armaan and I’m a junior in the LSBE program. I have a deep interest in tackling the financial and technical barriers behind gene therapy solutions. Aside from PBL, I’m also involved in the Bio-Business Initiative on campus where I serve as the Director of Consulting. Outside of work, I love playing board games, attending concerts, and traveling!

Justin Oh  portrait
Justin Oh
Bio-Tech Chair

Hey there! My name is Justin and I’m a sophomore studying molecular & cell biology and business. I have strong interests in healthcare, medicine, business, and entrepreneurship. Aside from my professional interests, I enjoy exploring cities, nature/parks, etc., doing photography, and trying out new restaurants with family and friends!