Visual Media
Visual Media combines photography, graphic design, and videography into a comprehensive curriculum. We build up our committee members from the ground up: first the fundamentals, then we explore multiple aspects of each art form to help them discover their own expressive style.
Meet the Chairs

Cyssi Ngo

Visual Media Chair

I'm a fourth year Interdisciplinary Studies major with a focus on consumer culture and business marketing. Besides school, I like to develop recipes and experiment with food photography, plan trips I don't have money for, and listen to almost all genres of music including country. Please don't mistaken me for a freshman because of my height!

Stella Kim

Visual Media Chair

Hi!! I'm Stella, and I am a sophomore studying Psychology with an interest in design and marketing/advertising. I love binging on food and netflix with my friends, singing (in the shower), making crafts, and vlogging!