Upper Division
Meet the Teams
Kai Chen & Alan Dai

Kai Chen

Project Manager

Hello! I'm a third year studying economics and data science! I had tons of fun being an analyst my last two semesters and am excited to be leading a client team with Alan! Outside of PBL, I enjoy playing tennis, annoying my friends, and mentoring high school students!

Alan Dai

Project Manager

Heyo, this is my fourth semester coming back to the PBL client teams and my first time leading, with co-project manager Kai! I'm excited for another semester of collaborating, learning, and growing with a new project and a new team. Outside of PBL, I basically live in a climbing gym listening to the worst music I can find.

Carrington Park & Alice Chen

Carrington Park

Project Manager

I'm returning to PBL for my 5th (!!!) semester to lead a very promising team in the Upper Division with Alice, whose chair I chaired! Last semester, I lead a project team for WeWork and was previously an analyst for our Twitter, PepsiCo, and Hindsight teams. Feel free to contact me to hear more about my experience!

Alice Chen

Project Manager

Hi! I'm a sophomore and I’ve been in PBL since my first semester! Being a part of PBL has not only shaped me into a more confident person, but it has also helped me connect with like-minded individuals and explore my passion for business. I am very excited to lead a team with Carrington this semester! Academics aside, I love going on foodie adventures, sleeping, singing (very badly), shopping, and painting!

Junru Lyu & Emily Jin

Junru Lyu

Project Manager

I am thrilled to lead a client team with Emily for my third semester at PBL! Having been a consulting CM and an analyst in previous semesters, I look forward to meeting students who want to enhance their professional skills at PBL. In addition to my interest in research, I enjoy watching various sports games and love to do all kinds sports in my free time.

Emily Jin

Project Manager

I am a junior majoring Business Administration and Statistics. I joined PBL in my first semester of college, and ever since it has just become a family for me. I found my interest in consulting and client work through my case experience in PBL. I am really excited to work with Junru to create something impactful and fun!