Our finance committee aims to build members from a plethora of backgrounds from the ground up. We will provide knowledge on basic principles of finance and give committee members a sense of what the finance industry is composed of. We have an exciting and immersive curriculum integrating technical knowledge with hands-on projects. We hope our committee members are able to gain a holistic understanding of finance while also taking advantage of the social and professional opportunities that PBL offers.
Meet the Chairs

Conor Richard

Finance Chair

Hi! My name is Conor and I'm a Sophomore looking to double major in Business and Economics with a certificate in entrepreneurship and technology. I'm interested in e-commerce, digital marketing, finance, and their intersection in a motley of industries including retail, aviation, and streetwear. Outside of PBL, I'm part of TAMID Group (consulting club), Thai Student Association, and intramural soccer and basketball. In my free time, I enjoy flying airplanes, traveling, taking pictures, volunteering, and reselling sneakers and clothing (check out!

Charles Van

Finance Chair

I'm a sophomore studying economics and data science. Outside of PBL, I am a staff writer for Business Review at Berkeley. I enjoy swimming, football, looking at places I can never afford to travel to, and eating oranges.