Executive Team
Our primary objectives are to ensure the most memorable and productive experience for our general membership, continue improving the quality of work outputted by our members and projects, and foster a culture of mentorship and friendship within our community.
Meet the Team

Anthony Chen


Hello! I am a junior majoring in business administration. Going into my fourth semester with PBL, I am excited to work with our officer team to give our membership the best experience we can offer. Outside of business and academics, I spend most of my time pursuing urban dance and photography. Feel free to hit me up for shoots, food, or coffee!

Nicholas Paul

Senior Vice President

Hi Everyone! I’m Nick, a senior studying economics and public health, and this will be my fifth semester in PBL. I’m excited to serve as the SVP this semester, handling the day to day responsibilities to keep the club running & properly serve its members. My experience in PBL has made my time in college one to remember, developing my professional foundation while making friends for a lifetime. I’m excited to get to know y’all!

Jackie Hu

VP Corporate Relations

Hello I'm Jackie and I’m a junior studying Economics and Data Science. I joined PBL freshman spring and have been in Visual Media and Internal Networking. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and looking for good ice-cream.

Emily Jin

VP Projects

I am a junior majoring Business Administration and Statistics. I joined PBL in my first semester of college, and this is my fourth semester in PBL. Ever since I've joined, it has just become a family for me. I found my interest in consulting and client work through my case experience in PBL, and I am excited to lead client teams this semester!

Darren Kim

VP Campus Affairs

Hi! I'm Darren, a third year studying Business with a career interest in management consulting. This will be my third semester in PBL. Outside of professional pursuits, I'm an avid photographer and love adventures of all shapes and sizes, having set foot in over 15 countries. I'm also a passionate volunteer educator, having worked with young students for the past 7 years. In my free time, I love playing guitar, hosting dinner parties, and searching for the next best tapas bar!

Jackie Zhang

VP Technology

Hi! I’m Jackie, a junior majoring in Computer Science, and this will be my third semester in PBL. Outside of the organization, I enjoy designing, mobile application development, shooting photos, and exploring nature-y places! I love trying out different types and flavors of coffee, and I’m always open to finding new hiking spots, discovering hidden food gems, and of course, meeting new people!

Carl Qi

VP Finance

Hi, I'm Carl, and this will be my third semester in PBL. As a third-year computer science and applied math major, with a strong interest in quantitative analysis, I have done a little bit of exploration of both finance and technology. Outside of academics, I am a huge fan of guitars and blues music. I also like a variety of outdoor activities such as frisbee and football.