Our committee aims to educate you through exposure to real life case studies. Hone your analytical skills and develop innovative strategies to solve a variety of business problems. If you want to transform ideas and insights into real growth opportunities, this is the place to learn.
Meet the Chairs

Henry Cheong

Consulting Chair

Hi, everyone! I'm a sophomore intending to major in Data Science whose interest lies at the intersection of the uses of industry data in the function of consumer-driven business decisions. Aside from my participation in PBL, I also help run an entrepreneurship organization. I really enjoy discussing current events, solving brain teasers, and finding Hidden Pictures in Highlights magazines.

Tiffany Chung

Consulting Chair

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am a second-year majoring in computer science, passionate about bridging my interests in tech and business. PBL is an amazing organization that enabled me to learn about the world of consulting in a comfortable environment. Outside of PBL, I'm a part of Codeology and in my free time, love to explore new places to eat, watch TryGuys and attempt to cook food.