Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda


The Consulting curriculum will focus on providing members with knowledge and skills to become a competent consultant. Members will learn about consulting fundamentals such as SWOT analysis and how to put together a case deck through our interactive workshops.

David Wang portrait
David Wang
Consulting Chair

Hi I am David, a senior studying Chemical Engineering & Business. I was born and raised in Shanghai but moved to Orange County, CA when I was 13. I have done internships across biochem, engineering, and consulting, and I will be joining the Boston Consulting Group in SF after graduation. In my free time, you can catch me playing basketball, ping pong, or card games. I recently got rid of my boba addiction, but I wouldn’t mind picking it back up with my CMs.

Christine Liu portrait
Christine Liu
Consulting Chair

Hi there! My name is Christine, a junior studying Economics and Data Science. Professionally speaking, I'm interested in fields that allow me to combine data analytics and quantitative skills in business and other creative settings. Apart from professional and academic interest, you can usually find me drawing on my iPad, listening to music, watching Netflix, looking for new places to eat and hanging out with my cats (facetiming them if I'm not with them)!


The Finance curriculum aims to help you learn the basic principles of finance and prepare you for a future career in the financial services industry. We will start from basic accounting to valuation to eventually building your own investment portfolio. Our curriculum is built from a list of financial technical interview questions, which by the end of the semester, you will have mastered.

Nathan Setokusumo portrait
Nathan Setokusumo
Finance Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Nathan and I am a Sophomore from Indonesia studying Economics and Public Policy. I have a strong interest in Wealth Management, Private Equity, Non-Profit Organizations, and CSR modeling. I am an avid runner who loves biking, MMA, and playing the piano. Beyond all that, I love learning new things, discovering new hobbies, and meeting new people, so feel free to say hi!

Josie Nieh portrait
Josie Nieh
Finance Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Josie, a sophomore studying Business Administration and Public Health and I’m passionate about the role business plays in improving the health and quality of life for communities. Outside of school, you can find me bullet journaling, volunteering at food banks, going on morning/sunset runs, or hunting down the best sushi spot! I love meeting new people so feel free to reach out and say hi :)


In a world where countless products enter the market daily, marketing aims to connect brands with the right consumers. The Marketing curriculum teaches a variety of business strategies utilized in specific industry landscapes. Through collaborative projects and interactive workshops, members will gain hands-on experience to prepare them for future professional opportunities. Some topics covered by Marketing include decking, data visualization, strategic analysis, and case interviews.

Grace Chi portrait
Grace Chi
Marketing Chair

Hello! My name is Grace and I am a senior studying Business Admin. Growing up I have always had a strong passion for art. This has helped me develop a creative eye that translates well to my work in marketing and business strategy. I am passionate about distilling new insights and implications from consumer behavior and discovering ways to match them with business applications for a more innovative and equitable future. Outside of the classroom, you can find me eating frozen yogurt on a bench on campus or sketching in the nearest Peet’s.

Kate Ngo portrait
Kate Ngo
Marketing Chair

Hello! My name is Kate and I am a rising senior studying Political Science and Economics. In my free time, I like to read suspense/thriller and romance novels, and watch the latest Korean drama. Recently, I have also started to really enjoy cooking and baking to recreate meals that I see on TV.


As an integral part of a company’s infrastructure, successful use of technology precedes the success of a business itself. In the Tech curriculum, we bridge the gap between software and business, providing a foundational understanding of how important technology is within corporations. Members will be taught the basics of programming through Python, data analytics, and web development. Throughout the curriculum, members will also get the opportunity to build their own games and test their newfound skills. These hands-on projects and workshops will allow members to gain a comprehensive understanding of technology that can be brought into the real world.

Blayden Lee portrait
Blayden Lee
Technology Chair

Hello! I’m Blayden. I’m a fourth year studying Data Science. Aside from that, some things that I love to do are play tennis, camp, hike, and if I have extra time, I occasionally dabble in digital art and graphic design.

Ethan Chang portrait
Ethan Chang
Technology Chair

Hi! My name is Ethan. I'm a junior studying computer and data science, and I have a great passion for entrepreneurship, fintech, and data analytics. Aside from my professional interests, I am a big fan of outdoor activities and adventures, such as running, surfing, and rock climbing. Every winter, I would go on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with my friends and family.


As our world faces yet another pandemic, the biotechnology industry is more important than ever as it can develop revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine. The Biotech curriculum will provide members with a holistic view of the business strategies utilized in the biotechnology industry. Through collaborative projects, real-world case studies, and interactive workshops, members will gain an all-encompassing understanding of the intersection of the life sciences and business.

Nikitha Sridhar portrait
Nikitha Sridhar
Bio-Tech Chair

Hello! I am Nikitha, a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am passionate about exploring the intersection of biochemical and business applications to better understand how they can be used in transforming our approach to healthcare. In my free time, I love listening to music and watching sports (especially gymnastics).

Justin Oh  portrait
Justin Oh
Bio-Tech Chair

Hey there! My name is Justin and I’m a sophomore studying molecular & cell biology and business. I have strong interests in healthcare, medicine, business, and entrepreneurship. Aside from my professional interests, I enjoy exploring cities, nature/parks, etc., doing photography, and trying out new restaurants with family and friends!